Modern, Paperless Accounting

"In my discussions with entrepreneurs, I discovered that classical accounting just doesn’t cut it for companies activating in fast-paced environments. This proved particularly true when it came to new concepts such as blockchain. That is why I have decided to found Accounting Hub, a financial consultancy company, focused on understanding the ins and outs of our client’s business. We keep up with the latest technologies and we use automation to remove redundancy from the accounting process, making the leap toward paperless and creating value along the way." - Accounting Hub Founder, Ana-Maria Măgureanu -


  • We only use cloud solutions that give you instant access to your financials. 100% paperless, only well structured digital documents and meaningful reports.
  • Our integrated services cover most of the company's processes. Check below our top-notch partners.
  • Going beyond traditional accounting, we offer strategic business advice that will help your business grow. ​

What We Offer

Accounting, Tax and Reporting

Bookkeeping, month-end accounting, tax preparation, assistance during tax inspections, review and certification of financial statements, business advisory and management reporting.

Regardless of your size, large company or startup, we are ready to help you with your financials.

Accounting for Tech Companies

DLT, VR, BTC, AI, ICO, TGE, API, TxID? We understand all these concepts and we can help you to successfully manage the accounting and tax complexities of your tech company.

Dedicated to companies activating in the innovative technologies field.

SOS Finance Expert

You may need temporary support to handle an acquisition, to implement a new accounting software, or additional bookkeeping help due to seasonality. We will send you the right person to fill any gaps immediately.

Perfectly matched if you are a large company, a startup or an accounting firm needing urgently a finance expert.

Remote Finance Department

Treasury management, billing, defining procedures, budgeting, assisting management in making decisions, coordinating all the financial activities, ensuring that your company meets the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Suitable for startups that need professional support for their financial administration activities but are not yet ready to allocate budget for a full time employee.

How We Work

Discovery session

We learn about your business flows and objectives.


You receive a customised quote that addresses all your company’s needs.


As soon as you accept our proposal, we tidy everything up for you and get you setup on the systems you need.

Accounting and performance monitoring

We manage all your obligations and make sure that you receive the financial clarity you need in order to achieve your goals. 

Feedback sessions

Regular calls or meetings to make sure that you have the best customer experience with us.

Meet Ana-Maria Măgureanu

Founder and Services Coordinator at Accounting Hub

Ana-Maria made her debut in accounting and tax services in 2010. Since then, she has been successfully delivering high impact results for local and international companies with annual turnover of more than €100M.

In the last years, Ana-Maria developed accounting and financial reporting best practices that help companies navigate the obstacles associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain accounting and taxation on a local and international level.

Accounting, Tax, Reporting, Fiscal audit assistance, VAT refunds, Financial consultancy, Merger and Acquisition, Liquidation

Energy, Tech Startups, Services, Real Estate, Insurance, Retail

Accounting, Tax and Legal services

Our partners help us deliver end-to end services in Romania, the UK and US

Most of the time your business needs support from different areas of expertise.
That is why we have partnered with professionals aligned to our mindset and principles.

Alexandru Stănescu​


Attorney and Counselor of Law in all courts of the State of New York, specialised in Investment and Commercial Arbitration, with major expertise in advising blockchain ventures.

Mircea Mărculescu


Tax Consultant with vast expertise in many tax areas, including direct and indirect taxation, focused on fiscal optimization and international structuring of transactions.

Corneliu Romaniuc


10+ years experience as a CFO, Founder and Managing Partner of MyCFO Romania. Accounting Hub partnered with MyCFO to help unleashing the growth potential of technology start-ups, SMEs and scale-ups.

Adrian Markey


Chartered Accountant among the UK’s leading experts in the taxation of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, twice nominated for Accounting Excellence Awards.

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